Khruschevs in Hollywood

Khruschevs in Hollywood
Khrushchevs amid Hollywood charm in 1959

11 January 2012

About logistics and hotels in Jyväskylä

A short note about traveling to Jyväskylä in June.

We will update more information about these issues later on, but meanwhile, as many of you need estimates about travel costs, hotels in Finland are regrettably expensive. There is a quota for this conference in hotel Alexandra that is opposite to train station and really centrally located. They have rates around 90€ / night. There will be more affordable options available, however, and we will update information about them in the web pages later on.

As for how to arrive to Jyväskylä, there are several options. Company called Flybe offers flights from Helsinki that are in some cases cheaper than trains from Helsinki.
From Jyväskylä Estonian Air offers connections via Tallinn to London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Vienna, Hannover, Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg among others.
Ryanair operates from Tampere to a number of destinations in Britain, Germany, Baltics, and a number of other places.
Wizzair flies from Turku to Gdansk and Budapest.
Helsinki airport naturally connects practically all over the globe. From "Helsinki-Vantaa airport" you need to get either to Tikkurila train station by bus, take a straight bus to Jyväskylä, or take one of Flybe's planes to Jyväskylä airport.

Apart from flying, there are trains to Russia. Trains in Finland are rather expensive, but if you come by train from Russia, there are also frequent buses from Kouvola and Lahti to Jyväskylä that are cheaper and even faster than trains, if you don't wish to go to Helsinki first. You can check timetables at: They arrive to same building as trains in Jyväskylä.

More information will follow in due course. Meanwhile, we welcome you to Jyväskylä in June!

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