Khruschevs in Hollywood

Khruschevs in Hollywood
Khrushchevs amid Hollywood charm in 1959

20 June 2012

Conference concluded

Conference has now been happily concluded!

It seems everything went very smoothly, participants enjoyed their time and heard interesting presentations.
Participants will be contacted about possible post-conference publications and other issues via e-mail.
We wish everyone a very good summer and all the best,
Conference Organizers

11 June 2012

Weather in Jyväskylä

   Dear all,
   currently the weather broadcast for the conference days looks quite good: little rain on Friday, but otherwise some sunshine and temperature +20C. That's good news. For the Saturday evening it currently shows the best possible whether, almost no wind, no clouds. Let's hope for that. But be prepared that in Finland even a 3-day weather broadcast can go terribly wrong.
   Weather does not change all that quickly in Finland, but broadcasting is difficult. You can check my favorite broadcaster site here:ästra_Finland/Jyväskylä/langtidsvarsel.html
   Looking forward to meeting you all,
   Simo on behalf of the conference team

23 May 2012

Map for the conference

You can access a map of Jyväskylä with markings of important places during the conference. Map can be found here: 
Map reveals that Jyväskylä is hardly a big city: everything you need to reach after you arrive to train / bus station can be accessed by foot. Even the farthest hotel is less than 1,5km from the conference venue. Street called "Kauppakatu" meaning basically "shopping street"is where most of the shops and restaurants are. It is pedestrian street in the center, but it also takes you to campus. Another option to access campus is to use "yliopistonkatu" which translates into "University street". 

21 May 2012

Working papers

Working papers can now be found from the web storage at:
Papers are arranged in alphabetical order after author's family names. Abstracts can also be found in a single file entitled "Abstracts".
Papers that were submitted after the deadline can be found from at the end of the list and are thus not in the alphabetical order.
Network key that is needed to access files has been communicated to all the presenters. Audience can request the key from the conference e-mail.